Making Dallas Shine: Zoom! Teeth Whitening in One Visit

couple-weddingWe’re creating bright smiles for bright futures! If you have a wedding or special event scheduled, or if you want to improve your image for personal and professional reasons, consider investing in a sensational smile. The most popular and fast smile enhancement procedure available today is teeth whitening. And the results will amaze you!

Over time, our habits and diet can cause a sparkling smile to lose its luster. Staining beverages – like wine, coffee, and tea – as well as some foods and medications darken tooth enamel. Smoking or chewing tobacco can also stain teeth. Yellow, gray, brown, or blue discoloration on teeth will make you look older. Fortunately, with modern teeth whitening solutions, I can brighten your smile four, eight, maybe up to ten shades in a single dental visit. Zoom! Whitening is a leader in safe, effective teeth bleaching, and this in-office system, paired with custom bleaching trays, allow patients like you to enjoy a brighter, bolder smile indefinitely.

zoom_buttonPeople have used various methods of teeth whitening throughout history, dating back to the 1700’s, but we’ve come a long, long way since then! Today, in-office or chairside whitening is safe, simple, and effective. Your appointment should last just over an hour.

We’ll apply a potent, gentle bleaching gel to your teeth, then activate the whitening power with the special Zoom! light. This light is not hot, and the process is comfortable. As the gel and light work together to reduce stains and brighten tooth enamel, you can simply sit back and relax. You’ll leave the appointment with a dazzling smile.

To maintain your new look, I’ll provide you with custom-fitted mouth trays and home bleaching gel. As needed, wear the gel-lined trays for the prescribed time. This touch-up system can be repeated whenever your smile needs a boost. And if you run out of the professional-grade bleaching gel, call us. We always keep it on hand.

You can claim a younger, brighter, more attractive smile in a single visit. To schedule your Zoom! Whitening appointment, call my office, Fitzgerald Dental Center, at 972-612-7800. We’ll reserve a convenient time for your appointment and answer your questions. And we’ll always give you a reason to smile.