Cosmetic Bonding for Perfect Dallas Smiles

pretty-girlNot everyone needs veneers, though they are beautiful and vibrant. In some cases, I recommend cosmetic bonding. If you have a diastema (space between your front teeth), widely spaced front teeth, permanently stained enamel, or misshapen teeth, cosmetic bonding may pose a viable and inexpensive solution.

I use quality composite resin tinted to blend with a patient’s tooth enamel to correct flaws and improve overall appearance. This durable material is stain resistant, so I may also recommend professional teeth bleaching prior to bonding. By making your teeth bright and beautiful before bonding, we ensure the best esthetic outcome.

Bonding takes only one appointment. If we determine that it’s the right solution for your cosmetic issues, I can prepare your teeth, tint the resin, and place the restorations in the same visit. Cosmetic bonding does not last forever. In most cases, patients should be prepared to replace the bonding in 5 – 10 years. For this reason, if you want a more lasting solution, we can discuss other alternatives.

Call my office, Fitzgerald Dental Center in Dallas, today to schedule your free cosmetic consultation with me, Dr. Lee Fitzgerald. After talking with you about your goals, concerns, and expectations, I can consult with you on the best solution for your unique case. An unforgettable smile could change your outlook on life, and you deserve the best! So call me. The consultation is free. You have nothing to lose and a sensational smile to gain.