Dallas Smile Makeover Dentist

smiling-womanYou’ve probably heard the term “smile makeover” and wondered what, exactly, it means. Because studies show that people with an attractive smile appear more intelligent, successful, friendly, and youthful, it just goes to reason that by altering your less-than-appealing smile, your image will be dramatically enhanced. Take a look at my Smile Gallery, and you can see for yourself that smile transformation makes a significant difference in a person’s appearance.

When you think about a makeover, visions of surgical facelifts, rhinoplasty, and liposuction may come to mind. A smile makeover, however, is a series of conservative procedures based on a custom treatment plan to whiten, straighten, reshape, and/or replace teeth - and the result is an unforgettable smile. Other benefits include improved self-confidence in business, romance, and social situations. Some of my patients look ten years younger after a few cosmetic procedures, and you could, too!

Over the next few weeks in my blog, I’ll provide you with more information about cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers, including:

  • How to choose a cosmetic dentist
  • What to expect at your cosmetic consultation
  • Smile makeover treatment options
  • Phasing and financing a smile makeover

So stay tuned if you want to find out how dentistry can completely transform your image. For a personal cosmeitc consultation with me, Dr. Lee Fitzgerald, just call my Plano, Tx dental office and schedule your apoointment or reserve your appointemnt online. I’ll be happy to talk with you, review your records, and explain how we can take your smile from average to amazing.