How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist in Dallas

shutterstock_23121016Cosmetic dentistry, esthetic or aesthetic dentistry, smile makeover dentistry – none of these terms represent “real” specialties. They are not recognized by the ADA as specialties, so there are no regulations in place for dentists who claim to be cosmetic “specialists.” This can make it difficult for the patient – you- to know how to choose a talented and reputable cosmetic dentist. However, selecting the right dentist could make a huge impact on your smile, dental health, comfort, and confidence.

Training and experience are essential in an esthetic dentist, whether you need teeth whitening, white crowns and fillings, or a complete set of veneers. As  longtime cosmetic dentist in Dallas, I have transformed many smiles – and you can view some of them for yourself in my smile gallery. The results are truly amazing. I believe every smile is unique, and it should maintain a unique quality after cosmetic procedures. I approach every patient with a clean slate, no agenda, and a listening ear. By understanding what you want from your smile transformation, I can deliver the results you deserve. View my biography, with information about my education and continuing education, here.

All cosmetic dentistry should be based on the concepts of proper occlusion (how upper and lower teeth fit together) and conservative dental procedures (minimally invasive). This philosophy will result in lasting dental work and long-term comfortable function. I will assess your bite and create a model of my proposed treatment plan. The wax model will give you a preview of your potential smile and provide me (and the lab) with a working model that I can use to assess final occlusion of restorations, like veneers. I also preserve the most natural tooth structure possible with minimal preparations.

If you’d like to discuss cosmetic dentistry with me, simply call the office to schedule an appointment. My Dallas cosmetic dental practice, Fitzgerald Dental Center, features state-of-the art tools, and the team I’ve selected to care for my patients support all of my philosophies for dentistry based on integrity. I look forward to meeting you and showing you how a smile makeover – or minor cosmetic dental treatments – can enhance your smile and your life!