What to Expect at Your Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

smile-in-dig-squaresThe best way for you to know if cosmetic dentistry will accomplish your goals is to come in for a free consultation. I’m Dr. Lee Fitzgerald, and I’ve been transforming smiles in Dallas for years now. I use contemporary, minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry techniques, backed by state-of-the-art technology and high quality dental materials. If you’re ready to improve your image, your free consultation will involve a discussion of your vision for the perfect smile. I will talk with you about the attributes you find attractive, and we can review before-and-after photos, as well.

Once I understand what you want to achieve with cosmetic dentistry, I can make recommendations and give you options. I might suggest:

Porcelain Veneers to replace old crowns on front teeth or to mask chips, gaps, stains, or misalignments.

· Teeth Whitening to erase stains caused by foods, drinks, smoking, age, and tetracycline medications.

· Cosmetic Bonding to repair minor chips or gaps.

· Cosmetic Recontouring to smooth rough, sharp, or uneven teeth for a softer appearance.

· A Gum Lift to remove overgrown gum tissue and reveal your fuller, bolder smile.

· White Fillings or White Crowns to replace obvious, old metal dental work and return a natural look to your smile.

· A Smile Makeover, which is a custom treatment plan that combines cosmetic and/or restorative procedures to deliver the perfect smile.

It’s free, and it takes less than an hour. Call today to reserve your personal cosmetic dentistry consultation, and learn how you can have a youthful, attractive smile without invasive surgery. My Plano dental office will deliver the excellent clinical care and customer service you deserve.