Making Cosmetic Dentistry Work for You at Fitzgerald Dental Center in Dallas


As a cosmetic dentist, I see people benefit emotionally, physically, and socially from smile makeovers. The amazing life changes that a new smile provides are the very reason I love cosmetic dentistry. I am honored to have a hand in changing lives!

My name is Dr. Lee Fitzgerald, and I’ve been transforming smiles for Dallas-area residents for years now. Because I believe every person deserves to love his or her smile, I try my best to remove financial barriers when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. This doesn’t mean that I cut corners. To the contrary, I use only the finest dental materials, I work with trusted, qualified labs that have a reputation for excellence, and I invest time and thought into each and every patient under my care. As my patient, you place trust in me as your knowledgeable and experienced adviser when it comes to dental care. I’d never shortchange you! I demand excellence from every member of my team, my suppliers, and my labs.

Instead of compromising quality or double-booking appointments, I rely on phased dental treatment plans and trusted financing companies to make cosmetic dentistry fit within virtually anyone’s budget.

The best option is financing. We accept most major credit cards, for your convenience. In some cases, we can extend a short-term payment plan with a significant down payment.

Sometimes cosmetic dental treatment can be completed in phases, by service or by working on the quadrants of the mouth individually. This means that you might undergo replacing amalgam fillings with composites, and replacing metal crowns with porcelain, in your first phase. We may then move on to veneers on the front teeth or replacing a partial with dental implants. I’ll sit down with you and discuss my recommendations, then, together, we’ll come up with the best plan for your smile makeover.

Call my Dallas dental office today, Fitzgerald Dental Center, for a free cosmetic dentistry consultation. I look forward to working with you and delivering the sensational smile you deserve!