Your All-White Smile: A Focus on Functional Esthetics

All-white smileYour smile is a reflection of your inner beauty, personality, and distinctive style. The role of dentistry is to improve, never diminish, your smile’s appearance and function. In the past, treatments to strengthen compromised teeth often resulted in esthetically unappealing metal dental work that detracted from a person’s appearance. I’m Dr. Lee Fitzgerald, a top cosmetic and restorative dentist serving Plano, Dallas, and surrounding areas. I offer esthetically pleasing dental solutions to protect smiles and enhance natural beauty.

Functional esthetics is the art and science of creating smiles that look as good as they feel. I use tooth-colored fillings and all-porcelain crowns at my boutique dental practice to beautifully renew teeth damaged by decay, disease, trauma, and extreme wear. Today’s modern restorative therapies let me improve your dental health while retaining your smile’s all-important, all-white appearance.

  • Your tooth-colored filling will blend seamlessly with your existing smile. I use durable, decay-resistant composite resin to restore compromised teeth and provide lasting strength and protection. If you have old metal fillings, I can safely remove them and apply white restorations to enhance esthetics and revitalize your smile.
  • All-porcelain crowns beautifully renew cracked or severely worn teeth. They provide structural integrity and deliver a natural look and feel. Your restored tooth will look fabulous, feel fantastic, and function like Mother Nature intended.

We’ll fabricate your custom-designed restoration at our in-house lab. I’ve staffed my full-service lab with professionals that I consider to be the best in their fields. At Fitzgerald Dental Center, our top priority is your stunning smile. My team has the skill, experience, and advanced training to deliver distinctive dental care for your unique needs.

Let’s create your beautiful smile. Reserve your appointment at Fitzgerald Dental Center today.