Dr. Fitzgerald Restores Smiles with Lifelike Dentures and Partials

denture-coupleMissing teeth will negatively affect your appearance, oral function, and comfortable chewing. They can also interfere with overall health and decrease quality of life. You might be surprised to learn, studies show that people with a full set of teeth live longer than those without teeth. Furthermore, if you’re missing teeth, other teeth are more likely to be damaged or fall out over time.

At my North Dallas dental center, I offer quality replacement teeth that look natural and deliver superb durability and longevity. At your consultation, I’ll assess your teeth, gums, and bone structure, then suggest options to replace your missing teeth. I often recommend custom-made dentures or partials secured by dental implants.

Life-Like Dentures & Partials
Full and partial dentures contain life-like prosthetic teeth on a base that looks like natural gum tissue. For patients who have lost all or most of their teeth to trauma, disease, or decay, full dentures are an ideal solution to restore a complete, healthy smile. Partial dentures contain as many teeth as needed (up to 12) to fill gaps left by missing teeth and prevent existing teeth from drifting out of position. Both of these prosthetics can be anchored to implant posts or secured by other means.

Design & Placement
I’ll design your replacement teeth to fit comfortably, renew your appearance, and last for years. For increased stability of your prosthetic, I may recommend securing your denture with dental implants. I perform the revolutionary all-on-4 dental implant procedure to secure fixed prosthetics, halt the bone loss that accompanies missing teeth, and provide lasting comfort and function. In a single visit to my leading-edge practice, I’ll surgically place four dental implants in your jawbone, then attach your denture to deliver a beautiful, confident smile.

Don’t settle for an incomplete smile. Call Fitzgerald Dental Center today. I’ll renew your appearance and put you on the path to optimal oral and overall health.