Dr. Fitzgerald Enhances Dallas Smiles with Cosmetic Bonding

As a cosmetic dentist, I’m equipped with the experience and tools to provide you with diverse options for aesthetically improving your smile. smile-makeover-girl-3Based on your needs and finances, I will help you find a solution for the cosmetic oral issue you’d like to correct. For many people who are looking to transform their smiles, porcelain veneers are an excellent choice. But veneers aren’t for everyone. If you’d like me to conservatively fill a gap between your front teeth (diastema), or correct stained, misshapen, or widely spaced teeth, cosmetic bonding could be a good solution.

Cosmetic bonding is a relatively inexpensive additive procedure that involves applying composite resin to your teeth. Custom-colored resin bonds to teeth when I cure it with a light. When the material has hardened, I sculpt the area to achieve a natural, beautiful result. Since the high-quality composite material is stain resistant, you may achieve optimal aesthetic results by scheduling a teeth bleaching session before your bonding appointment. Your new smile will be brighter and more appealing.

Most often, this procedure requires only one visit. Do note that cosmetic bonding is not a permanent solution, so plan on replacing the work in 5-10 years. I offer many different treatments based on individual needs, so if cosmetic bonding isn’t the answer to your dental problem, we’ll plan another treatment path together.

Where do you start? By contacting my office, Fitzgerald Dental Center, and scheduling a free cosmetic consultation with me, Dr. Lee Fitzgerald. A brilliant new smile is within your reach, and you deserve the confidence and beauty that accompanies it. The free consultation means there’s no strings attached. You’ll receive valuable information and advice from a leading Dallas cosmetic dentist. What are you waiting for?