White Fillings and Crowns from Fitzgerald Dental Center

Cracked, broken or otherwise damaged teeth can compromise the health and beauty of your smile. Many treatments guyfor these issues are available, but I know that when you smile, you don’t want people to see your dental work, but your sparkling personality. As a cosmetic dentist, I can provide treatments that will restore your mouth’s aesthetic appeal and normal function. All-white crowns and fillings allow me to perform inconspicuous dentistry that will keep Dallas area patients smiling bright.

Porcelain crowns
Created at our on-site dental lab, a porcelain crown looks and functions like a natural tooth. Once fabricated, this restoration will fit snugly over your existing tooth structure, protecting it from any further damage. Each porcelain crown is custom-made by our master ceramist who creates the restorations to my exact specifications.

Tooth-colored fillings
Whether you need a new filling or have old, unsightly dark fillings in your teeth, I can maintain or restore the all-white appearance of your smile with composite resin fillings. This material can be precisely tinted to match your teeth, and with proper care, has been proven to last as long as amalgam (metal) fillings.

Fitzgerald Dental Center is focused on combining artistry and technical knowledge, producing results that are both beautiful and sound. If you’re looking for cosmetic or restorative work that will give you a reason to smile, call my office today to schedule a consultation with me, Dr. Lee Fitzgerald. My practice serves patients from Plano, North Dallas, Frisco, the surrounding cities, and beyond.