What an In-Office Dental Lab Means for You

lab-crowns-smallQuality cosmetic dentistry isn’t an accident – it’s the result of advanced education, artistic skill, and unwavering dedication. Not only does the dentist have to posses these characteristics, but the team and the dental laboratory, as well. Many dentists have no control over the quality of work their laboratory provides – they simply send off the specifications and hope for the best. At my office, I’ve made a commitment to be personally involved with every cosmetic case from start to finish. That’s why in 1990, I added an in-house dental laboratory to our Plano dental office.

In addition to making my job easier, an in-house laboratory offers several benefits for our patients. These benefits include:

  • A Team Approach – I works closely with our Master lab technician, Dana, giving her direct guidance, so she can create the perfect crown, veneer, denture, or bridge for your specific needs.
  • Quality Guaranteed – Many practices ship their orders overseas in an attempt to cut corners. There’s no way to guarantee these dental labs follow the sterilization standards and quality materials we demand for our patients. With an in-house laboratory, there’s no ambiguity about the materials and methods used in your dental restoration.
  • More Predictable Results – Miscommunication between dental labs and dentists happens more frequently than you might think. This can result in additional visits for the patient or even a poor-fitting restoration. Because my technicians and I work so closely, we can provide extremely satisfying results the first time.
  • Faster Turn Around Time – No more waiting for your crown, bride, or denture to arrive from the dental lab! No more depending on the mail delivery service for an estimated time of arrival! Everything’s right here in our Plano office, so you can receive the results you need faster!

If you have any questions about our in-office dental laboratory, please don’t hesitate to ask. As one of the few dentists in the country to have an in-office dental lab, I’m happy to explain in greater detail what it means for your smile. Visit our smile gallery to see some of our work for yourself, or stop by and request a tour. The Fitzgerald Dental Center is located a short distance from Dallas on Maplelawn Drive in Plano.