The Right Bite for a Great Smile

dental occlusionWhen a dentist talks about your “bite,” he’s referring to your occlusion – how your top and bottom teeth fit together. Optimal occlusion occurs when opposing teeth come together in their ideal arrangement. When tooth positioning is thrown off by a misaligned bite, called malocclusion, a whole host of issues can result, including jaw pain, headaches, erosion of tooth enamel, and even cracked or loose teeth.

I’m Dr. Lee Fitzgerald. At my Plano practice, I help people achieve beautiful, healthy smiles. Optimal bite alignment is a crucial component of the equation. A great smile is one where each element – teeth, gums, joints, and muscles – functions harmoniously with the others. In the 25 years since I opened Fitzgerald Dental Center, I’ve never wavered in my dedication to give patients smiles that look great and feel great. [Read more...]

Crown Lengthening: Preparing Smiles for Cosmetic Restorative Care

crown-picA crown is a custom-made restoration to renew a badly decayed or structurally unsound tooth. I’m  Dr. Lee Fitzgerald, and at my Plano dental center, I design and place beautiful, natural-looking all-porcelain crowns to renew my patients’ smiles. Adequate tooth structure must be available beyond the gum line for proper fit, function, and appearance of custom restorations. That’s where crown lengthening comes in. [Read more...]

Cosmetic Dentistry in Dallas: White Porcelain Crowns

porcelian crown dallas dentistDo you have dark lines at the base of your crowns? Do your front crowns look bulky and fake? I’d like to give you a reason to smile with confidence again. White porcelain crowns will deliver the natural-looking, gorgeous smile that you deserve.

Dental crowns restore function, shape, and strength to damaged teeth. In the past, dental materials limited our ability to make strong, white crowns that looked natural. Most crowns were made of metal or porcelain fused to metal. Even today, because of the intense crushing pressure they must endure, for back teeth metal crowns are recommended. As we move forward in the mouth to areas that incur less pressure, porcelain fused to metal works well. It offers durability without compromising an all-white smile. On front teeth, however, porcelain fused to metal (PFM) is not the best cosmetic option.

PFM crowns tend to look black at the gum line; this is the metal showing through. On teeth that show in your smile, this black line is obtrusive and obvious. Also, because front teeth are thin, PFM crowns may add too much bulk, creating a fake appearance for restored front teeth. Some patients opt for veneers, a fabulous choice when appropriate, while others prefer all-porcelain crowns. [Read more...]